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The Study Bible for Women

The Study Bible for Women

The Study Bible for Women will equip you to reach deep into God's Word. Perhaps the single most powerful aspect of this Bible are the "threads" of specialized study thoughtfully woven throughout, pointing you to God's larger story and allowing the Holy Spirit to write His revealed truths on your heart. In The Study Bible for Women, you'll join a host of other women, all academically trained in the original languages of the Bible and passionate about God's Word, for an intimately deep dive into Scripture that will equip you to unlock the riches and majesty of His Word, and ignite a passion to mentor others in your life to do the same.

Where's Mom

Where's Mom: The High Calling of Wife and Mother in Biblical Perspective

Often women who have taken salaried jobs and titled positions have found themselves enslaved to the priorities of work and career. As a result, many of these women face failures in child-rearing and homemaking and find that the dual responsibilities of career and family may crowd out the time for personal creativity. Dorothy Patterson urges women to reconsider these priorities and not to forget who they are meant to be. An educated professional woman herself, Patterson probes several crucial questions about the high calling of wives and mothers in light of biblical teaching: Is homemaking a job? Is homemaking a challenging career? Is being a mother a worthy service? Is being a wife a fulfilling vocation?

A Woman Seeking God

A Woman Seeking God

An uplifting and life-encompassing read, Dorothy Patterson's A Woman Seeking God draws the reader through with natural ease, each chapter offering sound wisdom to any woman eager to learn how she may better live her life for the benefit of others and the glory of God. The book can serve as a reminder and a refresher course to a woman mature in her faith and practiced in her biblical roles or as a first-time tutorial for a woman just beginning to seek the Lord's intentions in her life.


The Christian Homemaker's Handbook

The Christian Homemaker's Handbook, edited by Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Pat Ennis, serves as a reference book every homemaker ought to own. A group of distinguished and experienced women from various walks and seasons of life offer insight into the practical and spiritual aspects of caring for home and family, providing tips and training in all aspects of homemaking from budgeting to interior decorating, food safety to childbearing and everything in between. The book includes DIY projects, charts, Scripture, application questions, resources, suggested grocery lists, a comprehensive index and more. This book brings into one single volume incredibly important and helpful information for any and every homemaker.

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The Woman's Role in Marriage

In our progressive culture, we often forget the biblical roles that God has clearly defined for men and women. Today, learn why it’s so important to embrace those roles, especially that of a wife and mother. It’s a lesson of encouragement for this “divine assignment.”

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Convenient Contraception or Challenging Parenthood:

Personal Agenda vs. God’s Plan


There is a fundamental confusion between "finding a solution" and "eliminating a problem." Complex issues go beyond superficial questions, making the task of accepting or rejecting parenthood a challenge. The topic of contraception is indeed "pregnant" with possibilities for positive discussion and vehement disagreement. While no specific biblical text will settle the birth control issue, for me as a theologian, moral imperatives and timeless principles from which one can then make specific applications to contemporary decisions and situations are certainly readily apparent in Scripture. God did not restrict His revelation only to cultural problems of the past. The Bible is adequate and relevant to every generation...

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Concerning Alcoholic Beverages, Fermented Juices and the Believer

Dr. Paige Patterson addresses the issue of alcohol and the believer, examining biblical and ethical standards and what Scripture says on the topic.

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